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08 - 25
Why do we need the waterproof box?
The purpose of the waterproof box is to prevent water from splashing on the outlet, and the water vapor condenses into water drops and flows into the outlet. When bathing in the bathroom, the water vapor is large, so a waterproof box must be installed.
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08 - 22
What is the importance of waterproof box?
The socket waterproof box is a device used to prevent electrical accidents caused by water entering the switch socket. It is generally used in the switch socket of the bathroom, as well as on special occasions with water shower and high humidity, bathroom, outdoor, etc.
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07 - 21
What is the function of the waterproof box?
The waterproof box acts on the waterproof and dustproof shell, and is mainly used to prevent the objects in the box, such as lines, meters, instruments, etc., from entering the water and affecting its performance.
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08 - 15
How can we install waterproof boxes?
The development of waterproof box With the requirements of urban power and communication construction requirements for wire and cable, communication cable and signal cable buried, it is a very important proposal to provide solutions for cable branching, connection, waterproofing, etc.
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