How can we install waterproof boxes?
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How can we install waterproof boxes?

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The development of waterproof box With the requirements of urban power and communication construction requirements for wire and cable, communication cable and signal cable buried, it is a very important proposal to provide solutions for cable branching, connection, waterproofing, etc.

What should we pay attention to when choosing waterproof box?

How to remove the waterproof box?

What is the biggest function of the waterproof box?

waterproof box

What should we pay attention to when choosing waterproof box?

1. Correctly select the sealing grade

When choosing a waterproof junction box, the IP protection level is a very important factor. According to IEC regulations, the first number of the IP rating is the enclosure's ability to resist the intrusion of solid particles, while the second number represents the enclosure's ability to protect against water droplets. This means that it can adapt to more demanding environments.

The IP level is only defined for the housing, but the equipment should also meet the corresponding requirements after installation. That is to say, if the waterproof junction box needs to be installed with waterproof cable joints, its protection level should be higher than that of the box.

2. Choose the correct size

Of course, choosing the correct size of the waterproof box is first determined based on the size of the existing components and the location where the equipment is to be placed. However, we should also consider whether new components will be added in the future, and if so, whether his space is sufficient. Also note that the reference dimensions provided by the junction box supplier are external or internal dimensions. It should also be noted that the space available for installation is usually less than the internal dimensions provided.

3. Note that the standard configuration of the product includes those parts

Most manufacturers' product numbers do not reflect the inclusion of those standard accessories. Usually, we can understand that a junction box contains the box cover, box body, sealing strip and box cover screws. According to different needs, the manufacturer will also provide optional accessories such as wall fixing angle, floor installation, cable joint and so on. In order not to cause trouble later, it is very necessary to find out which are standard parts and which are optional accessories before ordering.

How to remove the waterproof box?

The waterproof box is sandwiched between the switch box and the wall. There are two fixing screws on the switch box. Some are covered with a small round plastic cap. If so, first use a sharp object for the cap, such as the tip of a knife, pick it out, and use a screwdriver to unscrew the two setscrews. Gently shake the switch box, you can take it off so that the waterproof box is loose, and the waterproof box can be pulled out from the back of the switch box by turning the waterproof box slightly to the side.

What is the biggest function of the waterproof box?

The biggest function of the waterproof box is to seal the water so that the water cannot penetrate into the place we want to protect, so as to ensure that the core part of the plug board will not be soaked by water. Seals, sealants, or special designs that keep water in places where it cannot penetrate.

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