Hot Sale New 2 Pole Mini 1000v Solar Mcb Dc Breaker Circuit Breaker 63A
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Hot Sale New 2 Pole Mini 1000v Solar Mcb Dc Breaker Circuit Breaker 63A

DC MCB, a professional-grade product designed specifically for use in solar photovoltaic systems. With its exceptional features, this direct current circuit breaker is the perfect solution for ensuring the safety and efficiency of your solar energy installations.
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  • SRB3DC-63


DC MCB (DC Mini-circuit breaker) is a device used for direct current circuit protection, usually used in solar power generation systems, wind power generation systems and other DC power systems. The DC MCB has a fast break protection function, which can quickly cut off the power when the circuit is short or overloaded, avoiding damage to electrical equipment or fire danger.


Main Technical Performance

Rated current In(A):6A,10A,16A,20A,25A,32A,40A,50A,63A

Rated working voltage:1P:DC250V;2P:DC500V;3P:DC750V;4P:DC1000V


Breaking capacity:10kA

Rated insulation voltage Ui:1000V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp:4kV

Wiring capacity:≤25mm²

Mechanical life(Total times):20000

Electrical life(Total times):1500

Quality certificate:CCC CE TUV Certificate

Outline and Installing Dimensions

Inspection and testing

 In the production process, DC MCBS are usually subjected to rigorous inspection and testing to ensure that the product meets the design specifications and has good performance. These tests typically include tests for electrical performance, durability and safety.


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