High Voltage Dc Molded Case Circuit Breaker 630A 2P
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High Voltage Dc Molded Case Circuit Breaker 630A 2P

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  • SRM3DC-630H



Rated current In(A):500A,630A

Rated working voltage:DC250/500/750/1000/1250/1500


Breaking capacity:65  35   15

Rated insulation voltage Ui:DC1500V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp:12KV

Wiring mode:Up incoming and Down outcoming, Down incoming and Up outcoming

Mechanical life(Total times):10000

Electrical life(Total times):1000 1000 700 500

Quality certificate:CCC CE TUV Certificate


SRM3(DC)-(HU) series AC/DC molded case circuit breaker meet the following standards.

IEC 60947-1 GB/T 14048.1 General Provisions

IEC 60947-2 GB/T 14048.2 circuit breaker

USE and Maintenance

Various characteristics and accessories of the circuit breaker shall be fixed by the manufacturer and shall not be adjusted in the use. Under the compliance with custody and use conditions, from the date of 24 months from the manufacturer delivery and in the situation of the circuit breaker intact seals, if the product is damaged or not used normally due to manufacturing quality problems, the manufacturer shall be responsible for the replacement and repair without charge.

Applied Environment

1. The altitude is not higher than 2,000m

2. It is resistant to damp air(three-proof type)

3. It is resistant to the influence of salt fog and oil fog(three-proof type)

4. It is resistant to the influence of mold (three-proof type)

5. In a medium without explosion risk, and the medium is not enough to corrode the metal and destroy the insulation of the gas and conductive dust.

Note:the three-prevention products should be specially customized, please indicate TH.



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