GKDPNLE-63A A2 Combinated Busbar Series
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GKDPNLE-63A A2 Combinated Busbar Series

The patented combinated busbar get rid of the disadvantage of the old style busbar and has
the following virtue.
1. It can be combined to install directly by end user according to any type and quantity of
MCBs, thus can avoid the "cut-the-busbar" inconvenience when the old style busbar used.
2. It can form the mixed busbar to match different type of MCBs with its different unit directly
by end user, whereas it can only specially-made by the manufactory with different mould, thus can
solve the connection difculties when the old busbar used.
3. It has the feature of good clima stabiliy and can be used in the humid or frozen
circumstance, due to its sealed structure, while the old style busbar can not be used because of its
unstable creepy distance and withstand voltage in such circumstance.
4. The temperature-resistant of its insulator can reach 120℃, which is much better than the
old one.
5. The withstand voltage of it can reach 5000V.
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  • GKDPNLE-63A A2


Combinated Busbar Series

Model:GKDPNLE-63A A2

Copper bar thickness (mm):1.5

Copper bar width (mm):7



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