DIN Rail Products RCBO Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker6A,10A, 16A,20A,25A, 32A,40A,50A,63A
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DIN Rail Products RCBO Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker6A,10A, 16A,20A,25A, 32A,40A,50A,63A

The residual current action circuit breaker can automatical ly cut off the faulty power supply in a very short time to ensure the safety of people
and electrical equipment The residual current circuit breaker can also be used as the infrequent conversion operation of the line under normal
and normal conditions,which is suitable for various occasions such as industrial, commercial, high rise buildings and civil residences.
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  • SRL5-63


Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Overcurrent Protection (RCBO) is a comprehensive protection device with residual current protection and overcurrent protection functions. Its main uses include the following aspects:

Leakage protection: RCBO can monitor the leakage in the circuit, once the leakage event is detected, it will immediately cut off the circuit to avoid electric shock caused by the current through the human body, and play a role in protecting personal safety.

Overload protection: In addition to the leakage protection function, RCBO also has overload protection function, which can monitor whether the current in the circuit exceeds the rated value, when the current exceeds the rated value, RCBO will automatically cut off the circuit to prevent the occurrence of dangerous situations such as overheating of the wire, equipment damage or fire.

Comprehensive protection: RCBO combines the two functions of leakage protection and overload protection, which can not only provide more comprehensive electrical safety protection, but also simplify the design and installation of electrical systems, and improve the reliability and safety of electrical systems.


Main Technical Performance

Rated current In(A):6A,10A,16A,20A,25A,32A,40A,50A,63A

Rated remaining operating current(l△n):0.01A(1P+N,2P),0.03A,0.05A,0.075A,0.1A,0.3A,0.1A,0.3A(A Type)

Rated voltage:230V-(1P+N,2P);400V-(3P-4P,3P+N)


Breaking capacity:6kA


Rated insulation voltage Ui:500V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp:4kV

Mechanical life(Total times):20000

Electrical life(Total times):10000

Quality certificate:CCC CE TUV Certificate

Outline and Installing Dimensions


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