Adjustable Switch Molded Case Circuit Breaker 250A
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Adjustable Switch Molded Case Circuit Breaker 250A

Busbar type circuit breaker is the most important product of SLONGELE, with two series of molded case circuit breakers, independently developed.

Thermal-magnetic type circuit breakers have four frames: 125, 320, 400 and 630 frame,and current range : 16A~630A; breaking capacity is: lcu=70/50kA, lcs=50/35kA.

The intelligent molded case circuit breaker have four frames: 125, 320, 400 and 630 frame, and current range: 16A~630A; breaking capacity is: lcu=70/50kA, lcs=50/35kA;

This series realizes human-machine depression, online test fault record download and other functions.
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  • SRM6E-250M/3300



Rated current In(A):125A 140A 160A 180A 200A 225A 250A

Rated working voltage:AC400V/415V/690V


Breaking capacity:35

Rated insulation voltage Ui:AC800V

Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp:8KV

Mechanical life(Total times):20000

Electrical life(Total times):8000

Quality certificate:CCC CE TUV Certificate

Advantages of Busbar type molded case circuit breaker:

1. The Design of busbar protection against electric shock; The busbar shell is protected by all sides and the personnel can be assured of live

operation. It can also eliminate the earth fault caused by external damp dust and foreign objects. The busbar adopts phase closed structure so as to prevent the occurrence of alternate short circuit.

2. GO down the internal temperature rise in the complete cabinet

The busbar connection row is integrated with the circuit breaker, This structure reduces the quantity of connection points of the transition row and then the connection points go down the temperature by 20%, and finally decrease sharply the internal temperature rise of the complete set.

3. Standardized installation

The frame space between busbars is 45mm, which can save 30% of busbar connection materials, reduce the installation volume by 20%, and improve the installation efficiency by 60%.

4. Zero arcing distance

The product adopts a new high-score breaking structure design, which involves the arc extinguishing structure system, the air flow channel system, and the comprehensive improvement of the arc isolation structure to realize the zero arcing distance.



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