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At present, the traditional complete set of equipment field faces: soaring raw materials, low installation efficiency, large copper drainage consumables, high cost.Thus, SLONG Electric solemnly launched a new "busbar type molded case circuit breaker", to completely solve the several major difficulties of traditional complete sets of components.
Busbar Type Molded case circuit breaker has the following characteristics:
  • New connection to reduce the total cost:
It reduces the consumables of connecting copper drainage, reduce the cost of complete equipment (copper drainage savings up to 60%);
  • Standardized busbar installation:
It improves the installation efficiency of complete equipment,prevent electric shock design and reduce labor cost (labor cost can be reduced by 50%; installation efficiency can be increased by 60%)
  • Zero flying arc distance: 
It adopts a new high score segment structure design, arc airway transfer technology, realizes zero flying arc, and improves the insulation performance and safety level of the complete set of equipment lines;
  • Reducing the internal temperature rise of the cabinet:
It reduces the connection point of the transition row, reduces the actual temperature rise of the product (temperature rise by 5K), and makes the electrical equipment safer and more reliable;
  • In addition, the exhaust system, arc extinguishing system and contact system are newly designed, improving the overall product separation performance, electrical life and electrical insulation performance.

Leading product development and manufacturing technology

With our own developed products to save the cost as well as improve the product quality.
With a complete range of products, covering power distribution appliances, terminals, control appliances, etc.
With customized product design and supporting technical services for specific needs.

Excellent product quality

Excellent product quality
Products strictly follow the standard of production management.
Products realize comprehensive factory inspection and testing.

Efficient service support

Efficient customer response service.
Rapid production and delivery time.

Professional technical team

The Technology Center provides comprehensive technical solutions and an excellent sales
team provides you with professional service support.


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